June 30-July 2, 2017


Submissions now open.  Both short & feature films, music videos and screenplays of all genres are accepted.


Early deadline: 1/31/17, Feature $25, Short $20, Screenplay $25
Regular deadline: 3/31/17, Feature $30, Short $25, Screenplay $30
Late deadline: 5/15/17, Feature, $40, Short $35, Screenplay $40
Event Date: June 30-July 2, 2017

EMAIL: info@WindyCityFilmFest.com

Films of all lengths (short & feature) and all genres (animated, comedy, drama, sci-fi, fantasy, action, horror, documentary, foreign) are welcome to submit.

Screenplays (both short & feature) of all genres are welcome to submit.  Screenplays must be unproduced as of the date of the film festival (June 30, 2017).

Films entered into Chicago Shorts category must have been at least partially shot in Chicago area, or have at least 1 key cast/crew member from Chicago.

Screener films must be submitted by digital file (mp4, mov).  Backup DVD or Blu-Ray, US Region 1 screener copies are required.

Films in language other than English must include English subtitles.

Feedback: We are unable to give feedback on your submitted project.